[Podcast] PR Measurement: There’s No Such Thing as Intangibles

Manny Veiga, Feb 12 2016

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Numbers can be a little scary. Marketing and PR are results-driven industries, and demonstrating why the work you do every day meets key businesses objectives can seem daunting if you don’t have the right tools, processes or perspective. Even worse, you might be reluctant to measure your results in the first place, out of fear of what cold, hard facts might reveal about your every day work.

On this week’s Hacks and Flacks we talk to Katie Delahaye Paine, also known as The Measurement Queen, who has spent years helping businesses and PR pros fearlessly and confidently put hard numbers behind their communications campaigns. Katie explains how to create a culture of measurement within a PR agency or internal marketing department, and also shares her perspective on the tech businesses use to monitor and measure their work.

We also chat with March Digital Strategist Kristin McNulty and Content Manager Paul Davenport to get their tips on how to leverage measurement to tell a story and put context behind your campaigns.

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