[Podcast] Complicated, Weird Human Beings

Jimmy Young, Sep 25 2015

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HubSpot’s INBOUND isn’t quite like other business events and conferences. Yes, it attracts thousands of attendees (15,000+ this year), is hosted by a world-class city, features show-stealing keynote addresses (Aziz Ansari, Seth Godin, Brené Brown and Chelsea Clinton) and provides educational sessions – not unlike, say, Dreamforce.

What’s different about INBOUND, and what’s been proven over six annual events, is that HubSpot’s ambition is to create a movement.

To get an inside look at INBOUND 2015, we sent two correspondents (and former guests of Hacks and Flacks), drew Wallace (Episode 2 and Episode 12) and Matt Moretti (Episode 7). In this episode, drew and Matt report back, explaining how INBOUND manages to serve up “brain fuel for marketers” that goes well beyond tactical marketing strategies and right to the heart of human emotion.

Show Notes:

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