[Podcast] Very Little Scotch Tape in Sausage

, Jun 26, 2015

CATEGORIES: Hacks and Flacks Podcast

Hacks and Flacks Social Media Strategy

So, we have a podcast. We want to promote it. A social media strategy was in order, and we figured why not give you, our listeners, an inside look at its development.

Step 1 was to meet with Drew Wallace, Hacks and Flacks alumnus (Episode 2) and digital marketing guru. On this episode, you’ll hear our first conversation with Drew, as we work with him to identify our audience, brainstorm content for our target social platforms, and assign metrics. We also experimented with live broadcasting through Periscope and Google Hangouts on air, and even posed for our first Hacks and Flacks Instagram pictures.

Be sure to check out our new Hacks and Flacks accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We’ll have Drew on again in three months to update our progress.

Watch uncut version here:

Show Notes:

This episode’s music is provided by Job Creators. Check them out at JobCreatorsBand.com

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