#FridayFive: PR and Digital News Roundup [March 25, 2016]

, Mar 25, 2016

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This week in March Communications‘ Friday Five, we focus on Digital Marketing, Social Media and PR news trends, specifically: Twitter’s character limit is not going anywhere, the ever-evolving PR industry, keeping up with digital marketing in 2016, boosting your Instagram engagement with the social platform’s new algorithm change, and how millennials are leading the Digital revolution with their binge-watching habits.

Tweet MegaphoneTwitter To Keep 140-Character Limit, CEO Says

March 19, 2016 – Forbes

Twitter’s 140-character tweets are here to stay, chief executive Jack Dorsey said on Friday, ending speculation that the microblogging site might abandon one of its trademark features for a 10,000-character limit.



PR 25 Ways PR Must Evolve Alongside The Publishing Industry

March 21, 2016 – PR News

As publishing continues its evolution and old media giants compete with countless back-room bloggers and brands for attention, getting content disseminated far and wide—and to very specific target audiences—is an increasingly sophisticated task. To carry out our work effectively, PR has to evolve alongside publishing in five important ways. 


Graph Chart Up RisingHow You Can Stay Ahead Of The Digital Marketing Curve In 2016

March 21, 2016 – Mashable

Marketing is constantly evolving. Granted, evolution is a natural part of any thriving industry, but in the digital era, few can rival the speed at which marketing has continued to change — adding new capabilities, platforms and best practices.


instagram-icon3 Ways To Boost Instagram Engagement

March 23, 2016 – PR Daily

Instagram recently announced that users’ timelines will switch to an algorithmic formula similar to Facebook. A high number of followers will no longer be enough, only a user with a truly engaged following will be receiving many views. Here are three ways to help boost engagement.


TV2Multitasking Millennial Binge-Watchers Lead Digital Media Revolution

March 24, 2016 – CIO

New research suggests nearly a third of all U.S. consumers ‘binge-watch’ streaming video at least once a week, and millennials not only stream more video than any other demographic, they also do as many four other things at the same time.