Flexible Projects to Keep Your PR, Content and Social Engines Running

, Jun 16, 2020

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One thing my 20+ plus years in communications has taught me: even the best plans can change on a dime. Not only are our strategic plans hypersensitive to external forces – the media landscape, what audiences want to hear, disruptive innovation – but so are the resources our clients have access to. In times of economic downturn, communications budgets are often, unfortunately, the first to go.

When these seismic shifts happen – for instance, a global pandemic – companies’ communications initiatives cannot simply go dark. While it may seem like marketing is a quick trim when finances are uncertain, it’s vital to maintain the connection to one’s audience during unclear, challenging times. Disappearing not only diminishes the investment already made in communications, it erases opportunities to entice new buyers needed to push through this economic glitch.

The solution? Working with a flexible, trusted agency partner to ensure you can check off your comms to-do list even with leaner resources. Whether it’s a time sensitive announcement that needs to be shared, a content project that can’t get done in house, or a more strategic approach to social media, we can define the scope and deliverables to make sure you keep the ball rolling without breaking the bank.

We’ve recently increased the number of project-based clients on our roster, with more companies’ budgets in flux due to market uncertainty. From picking up projects for clients in the midst of a retainer pause, to getting to know new clients who need to get stuff done with limited spend, our flexible teams can translate our usual offerings to short-term projects.

What you need, when you need it

We recently re-engaged with a paused client to lead off an important product launch. Working with a trusted partner with proven industry expertise was vital for getting the product off the ground quickly and efficiently.

Other clients, fortunate to avoid financial stress, elected to take on additional projects outside of their day-to-day activity to refresh their overarching strategy. Last month our Executive VP, Jodi Petrie, led a brand storytelling workshop with one of our security clients. Taking a moment to dive deeper into the company’s story across PR, content, and social, will help them stand out of the crowd and enhances their ongoing activities for even greater results.

A new expert edge

With in-house teams strapped as it is, bringing in an agency partner to define a clear strategy, whether it be brand comms, PR, content, or social, can provide your team with the roadmap they need to make sure they’re allocating their resources to the best of their ability.

We recently took a magnifying glass to a new client and local SaaS company’s social channels. Although the company’s internal team had the bandwidth to produce social content, they did not have the time or expertise to dive into an audit and turnaround a smart strategy.

With their new strategy in hand, the client tapped us again to lead a social media bootcamp to ensure the plan goes off without a hitch. In weird, uncertain times we want to do everything we can to help clients, new and old, keep their communications engines running. We want to meet you where you are, molding our expertise and capabilities to get your projects done.

To learn more about the ZOOM project offerings ready for you to select off the shelf, or see more examples of our past ZOOM work, click here.

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