MIC’d Up: Beyond the World of Wearables – Five Wellness Tech Trends Reshaping the Industry

, May 31, 2019

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To the general collective, if may I be so bold, can I ask that we stop seeing wellness and wearables as one and the same?

Seriously, the wellness industry encompasses So. Much. More. It’s host to some of the most innovative technologies on the market today – ones that are drastically enhancing quality of life for consumers – and I’m here to introduce you to some of the biggest trends making waves right now.

Femme Tech Fatale

Technology and the feminist movement have combined for some ultra-cool, honk if you love women consumer products. The trend is officially called FemTech, and it’s poised to boost the feminine hygiene market to $42.7 billion by 2022. Some of the top players include THINX, the brand for “people” with periods, Genneve, a telehealth clinic that’s rethinking what it means to go through menopause, and EverlyWell, the in-home hormone testing kit that’s moving away from PMS and focusing on personal health.

The Road to Recovery is Paved with Good Innovations

The home fitness revolution is a lucrative industry that’s been booming over the past couple years with top brands like Trainiac and Freeletics. Running alongside is a new trend dedicated to post-work out recovery. Brands like Theragun, the leader in percussive therapy, ReCOVER, NYC’s first recovery studio, and StretchLab, the home base for all pulling and twisting needs, are finally showing us what it means to “feel good” after a workout.

I Am Techie, Hear Me Snore

Humans love sleep. Obviously, we would find a way to make it a trending wellness topic. Every day it seems like another company has churned out a piece of technology to tuck us in at night. Some of the top innovations include the iPhone Bedtime app, which supports a regular sleep-wake cycle, and the Somnox Sleep Robot, which helps you sleep faster and longer, and wake up feeling more refreshed. How intimate.

The First Scientist was a Vegan

Just kidding. He probably wasn’t. But, at the rate companies are testing and developing plant-based meat and fish alternatives, you’d think he was! Now, this trend hasn’t fully taken off yet – lots of companies are still in the beta testing stage – but those brands that have hit shelves show some real promise, including Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat, and early plant-based fish provider Sophie’s Kitchen. Yum!

Bury Me with My iPhone

So, death wellness is a thing now. What started as a niche market has quickly grown into one of the most profitable sub-divisions of the industry today. Sparked by the aftermath of a “never die” Silicon Valley race, the “death positive movement” gets away from hopes of immortality and focuses on dying well. There’s such a thing as a death doula, someone who emotionally supports patients before, during, and after death, and apps like Memory Lane are using artificial intelligence to communicate with seniors and transform their stories into the written word.

What trends are you seeing shape wellness right now? What’s next? With new technologies being manifested in labs every day, the possibilities for innovation are limitless! A healthier future is on the horizon.