Podcast with FitGenie co-founders Keith Osayande and Obi Anachebe

[Podcast] Making Wellness Tech Work, With the Founders of FitGenie

, Mar 4, 2020

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Wellness tech is a hot trend, and consumers today are trying more apps that promise to help them live longer, look great, and feel better, too. But is all of this technology and innovation actually making us healthier and making our lives better?

March’s recent consumer survey – part of the Year of Smart Living – examined the impact of technology on health and wellness, and the role of marketers and brands that want to convince consumers that they’re making the right choices.

To learn more, we talked with one of the exciting brands in the wellness space: FitGenie. They are an Atlanta-based startup that offers nutrition planning combined with meal delivery. On today’s show, founders Obi Anachebe and Keith Osayande discuss what’s important to consumers in the wellness tech space and how they built an app that makes a positive difference to users.

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