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MIC’d Up: 3 Doggy Tech Products for National Dog Day

, Aug 26, 2019

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Earlier this month I wrote about my favorite technology-powered pet services as a new dog mom.  Just a few months into dog-ownership, I’m already inundated with new, smart offerings and relying on my own expertise as a tech PR pro to help surface the true ‘must-haves.’

In honor of National Dog Day (August 26), I wanted to call out what I’ve found most beneficial to my pup, Daisy, and me!

Gadgets, Devices and Tools – Oh My!

Like in the travelfood and wellness worlds, smart tech and gadgets are on the rise and hugely impacting the pet industry. In fact, the Consumer Technology Association predicts that the U.S. pet tech market will experience double-digit volume and revenue growth in the next decade. With so much innovation out in the market already, I’m excited to see what this expected growth will bring to the table.

Until then, these fun – and practical! – doggy tech devices are at the top of my puppy baby shower wish-list (kidding…kind of).

  • Doggy cam: I can’t tell you how many times I actively think about how much I miss my pup and wonder how she’s doing when I’m away from home. Because I know how much I would benefit from the peace of mind knowing that she’s snoozing comfortably or playing with her toys, getting a webcam to check on Daisy is high on my priority list. Thankfully, there are incredibly innovative options on the market today that also offer two-way audio and the ability to toss your dog a small treat! The Furbo Dog Camera, for example, also provides real-time barking alerts, sending you a push notification if it detects your dog barking in case you want to see what’s up. This added alert feature is big for me because it doesn’t leave me feeling like I have to obsessively check the app to ensure that Daisy is doing alright.
  • Smart doggy door: While I live in an apartment now, I’ll soon be looking to relocate to a home with a backyard for Daisy. Seeing how much she loves to run outside, I already know that I’ll want her to be able to let herself out whenever she wants. But standard doggy doors aren’t exactly practical in New England winters, nor are they very secure. As a future homeowner, I’ll look to smarter systems like PetSafe’s Electronic & Magnetic Doors, which use sensors via a tag on a collar to let pets in and out of an otherwise sealed door. Practical and eco-friendly!
  • Robot vacuum: While this isn’t strictly a pet-owner’s gadget, it has been the most lifechanging tech purchase for me since adopting my dog. As a clean freak, one of the hardest adjustments to having a dog in a one-bedroom apartment has been keeping up with the constant shedding. Tired of vacuuming or sweeping once or twice a day to feel like my floors were clean, I turned to an iRobot Roomba device that was lauded in reviews for cleaning pet hair. I can connect to the Roomba over WiFi through a mobile app and set it to clean each morning while I’m out walking Daisy. I’ve gained 30 precious minutes back in my day from this device – and have minimized the personal torture of manual floor cleaning.

There are so many other great offerings that I’ve got my eye on – and plenty more that I’m sure I have yet to discover. As technology continues to advance and transform consumer goods, I can’t wait to see what its ongoing effect on the pet industry will be. Maybe Daisy will even end up with a fur sibling sooner than later.

Now go celebrate #NationalDogDay and be sure to share your furry friends and favorite #PetTech with us on Twitter at @MarchComms!