How We Use Graphic Design to Facilitate Fast and Easy Content Creation

, Aug 5, 2020

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When it comes to graphic design, marketers need more than just finished content that looks good on the outside. We’re frequently asked to create content that can easily be reproduced by an internal marketing team for future projects.

Recently, a client who we’ve been supporting with PR, content and social for years came to us with a new design request: their product managers and internal writers were banging their heads against the wall each time they wrote a product brief or whitepaper. The client already had templates for both types of content, but rather than working with an appealing, branded document that just required writers to form-fill, their writers wrestled with outdated, unclear, easily-broken templates which only made the process confusing and daunting. As a result, content pieces didn’t follow a consistent set of guidelines and writers shied away from tackling these frustrating projects altogether.

Out with the old, in with the new

We wiped the slate clean and set out to create intuitive new templates that would feel like filling out a simple form on paper. After revamping the look and feel to match the client’s most recent brand redesign, we added clear call-outs and tips throughout the document, noting exactly what should be written and where – making it clear where all the relevant info would go, while also ensuring that the format remained user-friendly and unbreakable. We also kept the visual set-up and flow simple to ensure that adding additional graphics or images would not disrupt the design.

The writers were thrilled, not only with how the templates looked but how easy they were to use. Writers could now be guided through the process by opening the appropriate Word template, speeding up production time and resulting in a clean, engaging piece that didn’t require visual design. These templates made it easier for the team to produce content and streamlined the process to encourage writers to embark on future projects amidst their busy schedules.

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