Coverage Catch-Up 7/10: New Pieces in Business News Daily, The Next Web, Data Center Knowledge and FierceRetailIT

, Jul 10, 2015

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Welcome to the Coverage Catch-Up, where, each week, we’ll highlight some of the top pieces of recent coverage we secured for our clients.

This week’s big client news focuses on Fasetto, ArcTouch, Peer1 Hosting and Avecto.

The March teamImages for Catch-Up 7.10 pitched Nicole Fallon at Business News Daily last month when we were pitching Fasetto as a must-have app for business travel and productivity, highlighting their Android app’s offline sharing feature. Nicole had replied that she wasn’t working on any business travel articles at the time, but would keep Fasetto in mind for future opportunities. This morning, Nicole published an article in Business News Daily, a site attracting more than 578,780 unique monthly visitors, and included Fasetto as #2 in her roundup, below Airbnb: 6 Companies Taking the Work Out of Business Travel. Fasetto is featured as a solution to subpar Wi-Fi service, an obstacle many workers face when traveling for business. Nicole also makes note of the direct messaging and automatic backup features.  Nicole Fallon tweeted her article to her 2,400 followers, and Business News Daily (@BNDarticles) has tweeted this to their 14,500 followers. After 4 hours live, the article had a total of 35 social shares.

When Google Now was announced at Google I/O, some people predicted that apps would eventually become obsolete. As ArcTouch took a contrarian standpoint to this news, March pitched a byline from Eric Shapiro, CEO and cofounder at ArcTouch, which argues that mobile applications will become more relevant than ever. The Next Web placed the byline titled, “Is this the end for apps?” It was great to see ArcTouch featured in The Next Web as the publication receives more than 7.2 million monthly visits. Besides, the article received more than 700 social shares in only one day.

Elsewhere, March facilitated the placement of a guest article in Data Center Knowledge from Peer 1 Hosting’s VP of Product Toby Owen: Why Hybrid Cloud Won’t Slow Down. This is a nice industry thought leadership placement, as this outlet serves IT and operations professionals and receives more than 225,000 unique visitors each month. The byline, which explores the features driving hybrid cloud adoption, received 189 social shares within the first 24 hours – including a tweet by the publication itself, reaching an additional 26,300 followers.

Finally, the Avecto team conducted proactive outreach around the upcoming expiration of Windows Server 2003, resulting in a Q&A with FierceRetailIT and the article: Windows Server 2003 support ends, millions of unprotected servers. The piece, which discussed the expiration’s threat to retailers, featured commentary from Avecto VP Andrew Avanessian, and highlighted the components of Avecto’s product as ways that businesses can work around the support expiration. The reach of this piece is significant – FierceRetailIT, an extension of FierceMarkets, has more than 1.7 million visitors each month. In addition to appearing online, the article was also included in FierceRetailIT’s weekly newsletter, which has more than 13,000 subscribers.