100 Stock Phrases Journalists, PR Pros and Content Marketers Need to Stop Using

Elizabeth Snell, Aug 19 2019

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Editor’s note: This post has been updated from its original posting on September 22, 2014.

When it comes to writing, everyone has their favorite words, phrases or even idioms. There’s nothing wrong with having a distinct “style” of writing (Hemingway is just one example of how you can make a career out of it!), but it’s also important not to use those words or phrases as a crutch.

Whether you’re a PR professional, a journalist or a content marketer, being able to utilize a large vocabulary is critical. It shows you can get your point across in a unique way and that you fully understand your topic. But it’s easy to rely on your safety net of stock phrases when you want to reiterate an idea or transition into a new one – or even if you’re rushing to meet a deadline.

Using the same stock phrases repeatedly, though, is not going to benefit your content. We’ve previously discussed how content is king, and why creating unique pieces can help companies stand out in the crowd. Instead of focusing on stock phrases, be sure you’re using strong keywords to improve your SEO strategy.

March has gathered some of the more common stock phrases to try to remind all of us not to use them – or at least use them sparingly! Remember: there’s nothing wrong with these phrases and colloquialisms. But is it always necessary to add in that extra little bit of fluff? As a former journalist, I always try to edit things down where I can. Why say three words when one will do?

Take a look at our list, which is hardly conclusive, and help us in our quest to craft truly unique content!

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  1. One thing above all

  2. More important than ever

  3. Most important of all

  4. Most importantly

  5. It’s important to remember

  6. More and more

  7. These days

  8. Right now

  9. There was a time

  10. At the same time

  11. At the end of the day

  12. In this day and age

  13. The truth is

  14. In truth

  15. The fact is

  16. In fact

  17. The reason is

  18. The point is

  19. The competition is fierce

  20. It comes down to

  21. It’s no secret

  22. It’s not surprising

  23. It’s no surprise

  24. It’s easier than ever

  25. It’s harder than ever

  26. In large part

  27. In other words

  28. In a big way

  29. In the first place

  30. The problem is

  31. This is especially

  32. This is why

  33. This comes down to

  34. This all comes down to

  35. This is all changing

  36. A number of

  37. Especially considering

  38. Especially true

  39. Especially because

  40. Particularly because

  41. A big splash

  42. That means

  43. Which means

  44. That’s why

  45. That way

  46. That said

  47. Those that

  48. One should

  49. What this tells us

  50. What this means

  51. When it comes

  52. To combat this

  53. Tackling

  54. Like never before

  55. Comes into play

  56. Play an important role

  57. The key

  58. Interestingly enough

  59. Thanks to

  60. A hot topic

  61. Really shine

  62. Making strides

  63. In short

  64. To say the least

  65. Not only that

  66. There’s no question

  67. There’s no doubt

  68. There’s little doubt

  69. Rings true

  70. Moving rapidly

  71. Hardening the divide

  72. First and foremost

  73. Boils down

  74. Can help

  75. Try to

  76. Consequently

  77. Increasingly important

  78. Increasingly

  79. Doesn’t just

  80. To be clear

  81. The same holds true

  82. Tip of the iceberg

  83. That means that

  84. Serving up

  85. Fresh

  86. Today

  87. The art of

  88. The best part

  89. Truly

  90. Materials

  91. Solutions

  92. Pain point

  93. Secret sauce

  94. Regardless

  95. Irregardless

  96. Savvy

  97. Picking up steam

  98. Pieces of the puzzle

  99. Breaking the bank

  100. Cut through the clutter

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