Hot Consumer Tech to Watch at the End of Summer

, Sep 13, 2021

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Tech devices and services impact our day-to-day more than ever. Where we once relied on in-person visits to our physicians and tour guides to navigate unfamiliar cities, now we can do it all virtually. And where we once prioritized efficiency, we now focus on sustainability and longevity. The March team is always on the pulse of the tech making a difference in consumers’ lives. Here are a few of the verticals heating up at the end of this summer.


As the world continues to witness the deadly effects of an unbalanced healthcare system, improving access to digital healthcare is more urgent than ever. Tech advancements are specifically exploding to result in more affordable at-home solutions, and greater awareness of and access to mental health treatment.

With cases of mental health issues on the rise after a challenging year and a half, we’re seeing programs like Beyond Blue, a prevention program that focuses on anxiety, depression, and suicide. Treatment and therapies are offered both virtually and in-person to ensure as many patients as possible have access to their programs. New Access, a recent extension of their already expansive options, is an online program which focuses on providing assistance via video and phone calls for mental health coaching.


Whether a road trip or journey abroad, travel keeps so many adventurous hearts beating. The last several months have reshaped the way we think about and plan our travel.

The pandemic of course has made flying less appealing. We want to know not only how safe a destination is, but also how impactful the experience will be. For example, for the sake of both convenience and safety, Travel World VR is leveraging virtual reality (VR) to “promote and sell” the travel experience. Their 360-video content worked to help event planners preview a destination before committing to it. As many shift to be more cautious and confident when making travel plans, virtual tours will certainly top traveler’s priorities going forward.


As we’ve witnessed wildfire smoke spread from coast to coast and air quality plummet, the need for cleaner energy has also been on the forefront. Consumers are wondering how they can take small steps in their daily life, while also capitalizing on clean energy’s promise of cost savings. Uplight, for example, was founded on the idea that consumers should pay less, utility providers should reach decarbonization goals, and companies can help create more equitable communities. To get it done, Uplight provides energy reports, Electric Vehicle advice, digital customer engagement, and more to consumers and businesses alike.


This year cybersecurity went mainstream, with major attacks like that on the Colonial Pipeline impacting consumers directly and making huge headlines. Consumers are increasingly concerned about the threats that could reach them directly.

Cybersecurity can be complicated and far more involved than someone even with average computer knowledge can grasp. Companies like March’s client Sophos Home can help consumers gain visibility into their household’s many, many devices. Its personal dashboard allows a single administrator account to manage the security of up to 10 devices, reporting all device events, whether they are threats, web-based events or simply device activity. This streamlined approach provides consumers with peace of mind that their home is secure.

Tech advancements like VR, zero-emission travel, clean energy, and cybersecurity best practices drive the trending market for today’s innovative tech. Due to their relevance and urgency in a rapidly changing world, health, travel, sustainability, and cybersecurity are sectors that will surely be on top of our mind’s for the rest of the year. As we move toward a more sustainable, mobile, and digital world, innovation will light the way.

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