For this month’s recap of client coverage, we’re showcasing three tech PR features from October that were secured as a result of team efforts for AcuityAds, Canonical and Marxent.

  • Beet.TV, AcuityAds to Follow 140 Deal with More Acquisitions – Our client, AcuityAds, is making waves in the digital advertising technology (adtech) market. Having recently acquired Silicon Valley-based mobile and social targeting company 140 Proof, it’s important to communicate that october_client_coverage_logoAcuityAds is not just a leader in programmatic adtech, but also an innovator in bringing disruptive marketing technologies together under one roof. Andy Plesser is a top-tier freelance videographer for The Huffington Post and Beet.TV who had been interested in an introduction to Acuity for some time. When Acuity’s CEO, Tal Hayek, planned a media trip to New York City, March leveraged this interest with Andy to set up an in-person video briefing within 24 hours’ notice of Tal’s travel schedule. Securing this meeting maximized the value of Acuity’s trip to New York City, and resulted in coverage that positioned Acuity as one programmatic trading platform set to change the market as it expands its technological capabilities through M&A. This campaign also demonstrates the importance of staying connected with journalists even if there isn’t an immediate outcome to keep the door open for future opportunities.
  • IT World Canada, Carleton University Researchers in a Cloud – In a crowded market for cloud adoption stories, March targeted vertical media for Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, to show how the company enables easier cloud adoption across various industries. One example was the news that Ottawa’s Carleton University had partnered with Canonical to launch a hybrid cloud for researchers on Ubuntu OpenStack. To tell the story in detail, March recommended pitching an exclusive feature to IT World Canada’s Howard Solomon, who interviewed with both Canonical and Carleton University in October. The feature, published on October 26, told the in-depth story of Carleton’s adoption of Ubuntu OpenStack, and highlighted the advantages that the partnership brought to Carleton’s researchers.
  • Digital Trends, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are Helping Retail Stores Regain Relevance – Our client, Marxent, helps retailers and manufacturers use 3D products to create augmented reality (AR) apps and virtual reality (VR) experiences to improve the shopping experience for consumers. Ahead of the 60th anniversary of the shopping mall in October, Marxent’s insights were featured in an article on Digital Trends, which examined the current state of retail and the new challenges facing brick-and-mortar retailers amidst the rise of eCommerce. Marxent’s commentary on mixed commerce retail formats – which blend together elements of in-store and online shopping – offered perspective on the role that AR/VR will play in the retail industry, and looked ahead to what shopping malls may look like in the decades to come. In addition to appearing on Digital Trends, the article was also syndicated to Yahoo News and Yahoo Tech.

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