Success at CES 2019: Don’t forget to follow-through

, Jan 3, 2019

CATEGORIES: Public Relations, Consumer Innovation Group
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Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, where we talked about how to prepare for CES and how to make the most of your time on-the-ground.

CES offers one-of-a-kind incredible media and business opportunities for any tech company. It’s a whirlwind that’s easy to get caught up in and, without the proper planning, brands can miss out on some of the most important moments for visibility of the entire year.

After making a splash at CES, your follow-through is just as, if not more, important than your efforts at the event to capitalize on your new visibility. Point back to the announcements you made there and trickle out follow-up announcements and content that points back to them. For one client, our CES coverage extended through August as we promoted additional angles that tied back to a product first introduced at the show.

Next, reinforce your campaigns at other tradeshows throughout the year. You made a major investment for CES and you can recoup that somewhat by taking the experience created for it elsewhere.

Depending on your industry, that could be CES Asia, MWC Barcelona, SXSW, IBC, IFA Berlin, Computex or many smaller events around the world. Other events will have their own unique twists, but you can use your CES campaign as a jumping off point and a source of creative inspiration at the very least. Plus, given that CES is likely the first event you’ll attend in the new year, campaigns designed for it can and should be the start of an annual campaign.

Just make sure to continue evolving your stories so they don’t feel stale after several months. A research report, for example, could be teased at CES and then launched after it in conjunction with another event. Stats and interesting findings could support the key messages introduced at CES and shape future conversations, plus provide reasons to get back in touch with journalists you engaged with at CES. Film customer, vox pop and demo videos on-site to create promotional content for after the event. And learn from the influencers you meet with, by discussing the trends they see unfolding over the next few months to inform your campaigns and spark new ideas that relate to your big campaign.

The visibility of CES also provides an opportunity for a social media lift. Use that to your advantage by continuing social media communications around the products, content and creative ideas that were launched at CES. Trickle out related content in the months surrounding the event, resurrect interesting posts as ICYMIs and create new visuals around the stories that you have to tell. Consider the case of Black Box VR, a company that provides an AI and VR-based workout analysis, which had a 45 percent average increase in social media followers after last year’s CES. According to Charles Westerberg, Black Box’s VP of Corporate Development, “there are aftershocks of positive things that continue to happen even four or five months after CES.”

And finally, make sure your sales team follows up on all the leads that flowed in before, during and after your presence on-site. Start early, and sink deeply into the surreal mania that is CES.

Ready, set, go!