Client Event Strategies, Part 3: Video Support

On site, it was our responsibility to conduct video interviews with our client's customers, and make sure we were eliciting useful responses for valuable video content. But, extracting insightful information from executives that are nervous in front of the camera proved to be a bit more challenging than we expected.

[Video] What We’re Thankful for at March

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March is a family, and whether it’s the work, the office, the perks or the people – but especially the people! – we all have something we’re thankful for this year and every year.

[Video] Ghostwriting Tips for PR and Marketing

To ghostwrite well, you have to satisfy regular editorial demands while making sure the piece fits the tone and voice of your author. These ghostwriting tips can set you on your way.

[Video] Content Marketing as a Recruitment Tool

In this video, March Content Strategist Manny Veiga describes the benefits of content marketing for recruitment.

[Video] PR is More Than Just Media Relations

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Successful public relations initiatives all start with a conversation about goals. Specific tactics, like media relations and many others, may then be used in support of those goals.

[Video] Google Analytics & Your Digital Strategy

Thanks to the wealth of information that Google Analytics can provide, your digital strategist can really take the ball and run with it to make sure your website is firing on all cylinders

[Video] What You Need to Know About Copy Editing

In this video, Content Strategist Manny Veiga shares a few tips to consider when you find yourself copy editing in a content marketing or public relations environment.

[Video] When Digital Strategy Met Lead Gen

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While we may be living in a Digital Age, lead generation is all about humanizing your approach. It’s important to […]

[Video] Stop Writing Clickbait Headlines

Content Strategist Manny Veiga tackles clickbait headlines, why they're bad news and how to write compelling and honest headlines in today's video.

[Video] To Gate or Not To Gate?

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Calls to Action are a great way to incite end user response and conversion. But, if you gate your CTA when it's not necessary, you may lose that new customer. In this video, Digital Strategist Kristin McNulty shares some tips on when (and, how!) to properly gate your CTA.