Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy In Need of An Update? Consider These 4 Tactics

Whether you are creating a digital strategy from scratch or looking to update an existing plan, there are a handful of go-to tactics involving content, social media, pay-per-click advertising, and analytics to turn to in your time of need.

Tools for Improved Social Awareness

The ultimate goal on social media is to make sure you are reaching targeted audiences and making a positive impression. Here are some helpful tips for improving your brand's social listening and awareness capabilities and translating that into a more effective overall digital strategy.

[Video] Google Analytics & Your Digital Strategy

Thanks to the wealth of information that Google Analytics can provide, your digital strategist can really take the ball and run with it to make sure your website is firing on all cylinders

How “Rules of Dating” Apply to Digital Strategy

Just like dating, in digital, we want to attract the right match; get to know the person without scaring them off. We want the right fit to come back to learn more about us, eventually pick us as their one and only from all the rest, and “engage us” by either subscribing to our newsletter or following us on social.

[Video] When Digital Strategy Met Lead Gen

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While we may be living in a Digital Age, lead generation is all about humanizing your approach. It’s important to […]

[Video] To Gate or Not To Gate?

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Calls to Action are a great way to incite end user response and conversion. But, if you gate your CTA when it's not necessary, you may lose that new customer. In this video, Digital Strategist Kristin McNulty shares some tips on when (and, how!) to properly gate your CTA.

[Video] Get on Snapchat now!

Snapchat is the "it" social media platform for showcasing company culture. In a video blog, Digital Strategist Kristin McNulty explains why you should get on Snapchat immediately!

[Video] Why “Sentiment Analysis is Key” in PR & Digital Marketing

Sentiment Analysis is a key — yet often overlooked — part of brands' successful digital strategies today. March's own Digital Strategist Kristin McNulty explains why in today's video.