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3 Content Takeaways from Inbound 2017

And, that’s a wrap on Inbound 2017. This year was the first time I had gone to Inbound, and as […]

[Video] Ghostwriting Tips for PR and Marketing

To ghostwrite well, you have to satisfy regular editorial demands while making sure the piece fits the tone and voice of your author. These ghostwriting tips can set you on your way.

Yes, Virginia, Seasonal Content DOES Work for B2B!

For many, “seasonal” content brings to mind blogs drenched in B2C-centric allusions to Christmas carols and Black Friday flash sales. […]

[Video] Content Marketing as a Recruitment Tool

In this video, March Content Strategist Manny Veiga describes the benefits of content marketing for recruitment.

[Video] What You Need to Know About Copy Editing

In this video, Content Strategist Manny Veiga shares a few tips to consider when you find yourself copy editing in a content marketing or public relations environment.

[Video] Stop Writing Clickbait Headlines

Content Strategist Manny Veiga tackles clickbait headlines, why they're bad news and how to write compelling and honest headlines in today's video.

[Video] Image Sources for Online Content

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Images are a great way to spruce up your blogs and website content, but copyright can be tricky to navigate. In this video, Content Strategist Manny Veiga shares some common image resources - including a few free ones - that will help you out.

[Video] The Truth About Viral Video Content

In today's video, March's Brendan Reilly talks about why the focus of your video content should be on quality, not virality.

[Video] Stop Using Buzzwords in Your Content Marketing Writing

Buzzwords can confuse, annoy or disengage your readers. Content Strategist Manny Veiga shares a few tips to help you eliminate these words from your writing.

[Video] The Value Research & Content Bring to PR

Research projects and content campaigns work hand-in-hand to increase brand awareness, giving businesses the opportunity to put their name out there without being explicitly promotional, while giving their content a wealth of valuable and unique perspectives to call upon.