Bulldog Reporter on the Year of Smart Living – Are We Well?

, Mar 16, 2020

CATEGORIES: Consumer Innovation Group

Welcome to the Year of Smart Living. The health and wellness category has exploded to more than $4.2 billion and consumers are the new gatekeepers for their own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

But, is all the tech and innovation in this category making us healthier and our lives better? To what extent is it changing the value we place on health and wellness?

In short, are we well?

March Communications recently concluded a national survey of more than 1000 consumers to uncover the answers. What we found was surprising, inspiring and even a little bit shocking. For us marketers, the results revealed new and critical ways of engaging with and educating consumers in the year of smart living. We’re seeing a huge shift in the way we need to communicate in this industry, and the changes must be considered on the path to success.

March Executive Vice President Jodi Petrie recently took to AgilityPR to share some of March’s top findings and new approaches to engaging with our health-conscious consumers. Check out the article for more insights and strategies for partnering with brands who believe in the promise and power of health and wellness tech.