[Podcast] Samantha Mayowa Shares How PR Leaders Can Build Diversity Through Inclusivity

, Nov 10, 2020

CATEGORIES: Hacks and Flacks Podcast

Diversity, equity and inclusion have been top-of-mind for business leaders over the last several months. Many organizations, March included, are only just beginning to skim the surface of these issues and shine a brighter light on how we can do better on these fronts. The first step on this journey to action is listening.

That’s why we’re opening our ears and turning over our On the Mic platform to experts on a variety of DEI issues. We hope fellow PR and comms pros will tune in with the goal of working together to create a more equitable and inclusive communications community.

First up, Cheryl Gale, President of March, chatted with Samantha Mayowa, Head of Global Communications at VMware Carbon Black. Cheryl and Samantha talked about how much headspace PR leaders have dedicated to DEI up to now, specifically in Boston where the PR scene remains predominantly white despite a diverse talent pool available. Samantha also shared ways that these PR pros can expand their reach to give more people a seat at the table, as well as advice for candidates with unique backgrounds frustrated by inclusivity challenges.

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