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, Oct 15, 2018

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It’s been an exciting few months at March, and we’re thrilled to reach an important milestone in the growth of our company.

Today, we’re marking the launch of a reimagined brand and website. This is more than just a coat of fresh paint – it’s the result of months of reexamining how we think, feel and talk about our work, both internally and to our customers, partners, peers and prospects.

Everything is underpinned by a fresh tagline that strikes at the core of our work with innovators and disruptive challenger brands within both B2B and consumer technology – “Innovation Inside Out.”

What does that mean?

In our world, that means that we work harder, more effectively, with speed and purpose to understand the power and innovation inside the technology and companies that we work with.  That we will use all the skills, tools, expertise and brainpower in our orbit to ensure that the rest of the world sees, understands and believes the impact that these products, services and ideas can have. And that we will bring innovation to life outside our walls and bring it to bear in our work and in the pursuit of excellence.

Innovation Inside Out” – and this new website – was the result of a months-long exercise where we dug deep into our brand story, our mission, our vision and our values. We did it to clarify who we are to everyone who needs to know, including the people within our company. We think it brings to life something we all already felt about our agency, in a clearer and bolder way.

You can learn more about our brand and messaging process in a podcast interview with our founders, Martin Jones and Cheryl Gale – it’s something we do for our own clients, as well.

While the brand work has been happening behind the scenes, we’ve been carrying on delivering outstanding work for our existing clients and bringing innovative new clients into the fold, including:

  • Drift –the world’s leading conversational marketing and sales platform.
  • Neurala – an award-winning artificial intelligence company using deep learning neural networks to make devices and products more intelligent, engaging and useful
  • Notarize – the first notary public platform allowing any person or business to get their documents legally notarized online.
  • PROS – a provider of AI-powered solutions that optimize selling in the digital economy.
  • Vault – a leading student loan benefits platform, which equips employers to make it achievable for employees to more quickly eliminate student loans and attain financial freedom.
  • Zillion – a leading health behavior architecture company focused on driving better healthcare outcomes, higher quality of healthcare and lower costs.
  • Mindbreeze – a leading global provider of appliances and cloud services for information insight and applied artificial intelligence with a focus on knowledge management for leading international companies.

All these companies exemplify the exact types of businesses we’ve always been attracted to: innovative technology companies that are poised to shake up their respective markets. We think they’ll make a great fit to our diverse and innovative roster of clients.

We’ve set up our team to focus on all the new opportunities communications has to offer, so that we can bring to life our client’s strongest stories and get those stories out there in innovative and interesting ways.

If you want to learn more about working with March, give us a shout.