Black Lives Matter


March Communications stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

In this moment, we want to specifically acknowledge the struggle of the Black community against systemic racism, discrimination and violence. We choose to stand, unequivocally, against the forces of white supremacy and hate. As part of this, we are making donations to the Black Lives Matter organizations in our hometowns of Boston and Atlanta. We encourage others to do the same or to find a similar advocacy group that supports this mission.

More broadly, we will always stand in support of the fight to deliver civil, racial and social equality and justice to all people, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or nationality. Taking that stand also means committing to take action and explore initiatives where we can contribute to a demonstrable increase in diversity, equality and inclusion, across our industries of communications, tech, and media. And we’ll be sharing the progress of the work we’re doing on this front over the weeks and months to come.

At every step, we want to listen. We want to grow, acknowledge our own faults, and approach these challenging issues with respect, empathy, honesty and openness. We want to stay true to our values – show up, step up and be human. We pledge to be a force of positive change, and we invite our peers in the comms industry to join us.

– March

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