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Andrew is a Content Manager at March Communications. He writes, optimizes and oversees content strategies, including contributed articles to third-party publications, blog posts, press releases, LinkedIn and other social media copy, for clients in the security, ecommerce, data storage and mobile app sectors. He is an avid runner, film hound and occasional dog sitter.

3 Content Takeaways from Inbound 2017

And, that’s a wrap on Inbound 2017. This year was the first time I had gone to Inbound, and as […]

Massachusetts is 1st State to Sue Equifax Over Data Breach

While cyberattacks and data breaches have becoming increasingly prominent over the last several years, with hackers setting their sights on […]

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The greatest challenge to the IoT may be the human touch

Since the idea first emerged, the Internet of Things and its concept of billions of previously unconnected, offline devices — […]

RSA and Other Tech Events Offer Prime Opportunity for Innovators

Whether you’re a fledgling new startup on the security scene or a veteran brand name that has dominated in the industry for years, RSA is a great opportunity to meet with your peers, check out the latest cutting-edge solutions in cybersecurity and make a name for yourself as a credible thought leader.

The Cyber Gold Rush: Cybersecurity Needs a Break Out PR Strategy for 2017

With cybersecurity on the minds and lips of virtually everyone around the country, you can expect there will be a greater demand than ever for security solutions that can give vulnerable organizations the tools and expertise to defend themselves.

#CES2017: Top Trends, Tweets and Tips

March is at CES 2017! We’re kicking off the New Year by sending our very own Alex Jafarzadeh, Courtney Allen, […]

[Video] What We’re Thankful for at March

March is a family, and whether it’s the work, the office, the perks or the people – but especially the people! – we all have something we’re thankful for this year and every year.

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The Value of Long-Form Content in a Short-Form World

Content doesn’t have to be all long-form or all short-form. They each have their own role in promoting visibility for and driving more people to your brand.

MarchComms Madness: What Are Your ‘Elite 8’ Best Practices for Attending a PR Event?

To get the most out of shows like RSA and best serve your clients, make sure your events preparedness bracket is filled out and that you’ve nailed down these Elite 8 practices across four key segments.