How Ada Developers Academy Is Bringing New Faces Into The Fold

, Dec 17, 2021

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Technology is supposed to improve everyone’s lives – but can it do that if not everyone is represented throughout its creation? Currently, men make up 65% of software engineers and more than half of engineers are white. However, 85% of consumer decisions are made by women and minority markets hold trillions in buying power. Ada Developers Academy seeks to change this by creating a learning platform that trains women and gender-expansive people to enter the tech world. After just one year, Ada’s students go to hold jobs with tech giants like Amazon, Google and Microsoft and industry leaders like Uber and Hulu, most of them witnessing massive salary increases. Its impact like this that led Ada to receive a $10 million grant from The Equality Can’t Wait Challenge –  launched in part by Melinda Gates – to grow their program and accommodate more students.  In this episode Jodi Petrie, March EVP, and Lauren Sato, CEO of Ada, discussed the reality of the tech world today and how Ada is playing a role in changing the tech landscape for underrepresented demographics.

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