What’s Around the Corner Part 1: A Look at PR in 2021

, Dec 28, 2020

CATEGORIES: Public Relations

Undoubtedly, this past year will continue to impact the work we do as communicators – and how we do it. We asked a few Marchers to share their thoughts on where they see PR in 2021.

Zorina Akhund, Account Executive

Media reviewers, along with the referrals and recommendations of other trusted third-party endorsers, will rise in value to solidify influencer marketing as a key channel. In 2021, we will see multi-platform creators across owned, shared and earned as brands create ambassador programs leveraging valuable content made in partnership with influencers and with media.


Molly Masi, Account Executive

We are about to be inundated with ‘stories’ across all forms of social media. As traditional advertising becomes less impactful to their audiences, brands will leverage social in a way that’s easier to digest. Snapchat and Instagram have owned this space for a while. LinkedIn and Twitter implemented their own versions in 2020, with Spotify working on a beta program as we speak. I expect TikTok and Pinterest to follow suit. The more avenues for brands to spread their messages in authentic and creative ways, the better.


Regan Schiappa, Account Coordinator

Working remote has become the new normal. Regardless of the level of restrictions in 2021, greater WFH freedom is here to stay! Our strides in making remote collaboration effective and exciting can provide greater options for everyone from newbies to seasoned pros. As someone who recently started a job and jumped in remotely, WFH together has been seamless – whether reviewing new story angles with clients or teambuilding with coworkers to solves a virtual murder mystery.


Kelly O’Brien, VP

In 2020, our physical distancing created a need for stories to connect us. Brands all over dug deep to tell meaningful narratives of both their makers and the communities they serve. Purposeful storytelling will continue into 2021, and this means tech brands need to do more than simply innovate or wow. Whether for the consumer or for the enterprise, tech brands must show how they’re improving our lives on both an individual and global scale – why their products or services really matter for humankind.

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