Knowledge AI Named 2020 Rising Star in AI

, Sep 16, 2020

CATEGORIES: Artificial Intelligence

After a summer searching for the most innovative rising star in AI, we’ve found them. Congratulations Knowledge AI!

To put a spotlight on some of the cutting-edge AI solutions being developed in our own back yards, March set out to find the most innovative, aspiring AI company among our home-bases of Boston and Atlanta. We then brought together top AI and tech influencers to determine the winner. But among the impressive companies who threw their names in, it was Knowledge AI’s KAIT technology that won out.

Knowledge AI strives to individualize education for both teachers and students and reduce the learning achievement gap by providing teachers with greater insight into student performance. KAIT gathers data on student learning behaviors through smart pens, a rare offline AI application in the classroom.

How Knowledge AI’s KAIT is pushing boundaries on AI in the classroom

KAIT leverages students’ behavioral data to determine their overall strengths and weaknesses in the classroom. This data forms a holistic profile that leverages what students have already mastered to identify the most efficient path for learning, and at a pace that is uniquely suited to them.

The opportunities for AI in education are almost endless and have massive implications. In fact, there is so much room for AI in our education systems that Microsoft recently commissioned a study to assess the possibilities. The research found that nearly all educators are on board, with 99.4% agreeing that AI would be instrumental to their institution’s competitiveness within the next three years, and 92% already experimenting with the it.

One of the biggest ways AI can help transform education is by offering a truly personalized learning experience. It’s no secret that students learn differently and need individualized attention. The one-to-many system of education does not always allow teachers the time to dedicate to each student, and this has become even more acute now, when schools are either adopting virtual learning models or combining virtual with in-person education, with mixed results so far.

The data KAIT captures in the classroom provides educators with the insight they need to recognize each student’s personal progress and even generates individual practice exercises. Knowledge AI has the ability to save teachers’ time, provide details into performance gaps, and facilitate personalized assignments, all in an effort to provide students with a greater chance to succeed. KAIT has been piloted in 10 countries across the globe with more than 90% of educators adopting the technology after piloting it.

We’ve seen AI touch a number of industries already – from manufacturing to automotive to healthcare – and education is another exciting new area that AI is poised to innovate. We’re looking forward to working with Knowledge AI towards bringing KAIT to more educators and following what’s to come for AI in education and beyond.

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