Roses are Red, Violets Are Blue, We Wrote a Blog About Why We Love PR, How ‘Bout You?

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There’s a lot to love about our work, so we figured that, in celebration of the season, we’d ask folks around the March office to share the moments that warmed their hearts. Here’s what they had to say.

The Age of Assistance

Technology has simply introduced more options to consider when making decisions.  Unfortunately for me, and many others, a plethora of options absent informed context simply means more stress, uncertainty and an agonizing decision-making process.

Chicago’s Affordability, Culture Boost its Thriving Tech Scene

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Chicago topped Time Out’s City Life Index as the most fun, friendly and affordable cities in the world. The city continues to make waves as a growing tech hub, too.

The Winners and Losers of Super Bowl LII Advertising

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As usual, one of the most talked-about aspects of the Super Bowl this year were the ads – the Brand bowl, as it’s become known. We rounded up some thoughts from the March team on the Super Bowl commercials we liked – and didn’t!

Tracking the conversation around Amazon Go

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After a year of delays, Amazon finally opened its cashless and cashier-less convenience store to the public last Monday, and the initial reactions have ranged from curiosity to bemusement, to confusion and just about everything in between.

Views from CES 2018: The Next Evolution of Digital Health

This year, CES showed that tech companies are taking consumer health seriously – from partnering with healthcare providers and delivering greater personalization to broadening the application of emerging tech to new areas of health and wellness.

[Podcast] Hey Google, Boil My Water

CES 2018 is history, and March Senior Account Executive Alex Jafarzadeh has a full report from Las Vegas. He tells us why this year's event was the "voice-controlled CES" and why, of all the major technology players in that space, Google was the biggest winner.

3 Ways AI Will Help PR in 2018

For those – like me – who jump at the mention of new tech, the trend to watch for 2018 is the incorporation of AI (artificial intelligence), which I see playing a role in three main ways.

Insert fact-based, no-spin headline here

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As media consumers, it can be difficult at times to understand whether what we’re reading is completely accurate. It’s all too easy to be swayed by catchy headlines that try to elicit an emotional response, without knowing what to look for.

Toys “R” Us Bets on Augmented Reality to Draw Customers Back into Stores

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Did you think Toys "R" Us was on its way out after filing for bankruptcy protection just a few weeks ago? The toy giant wants you to think again.