Insert fact-based, no-spin headline here

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As media consumers, it can be difficult at times to understand whether what we’re reading is completely accurate. It’s all too easy to be swayed by catchy headlines that try to elicit an emotional response, without knowing what to look for.

Toys “R” Us Bets on Augmented Reality to Draw Customers Back into Stores

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Did you think Toys "R" Us was on its way out after filing for bankruptcy protection just a few weeks ago? The toy giant wants you to think again.

Mobile’s Growing Influence on Brick-and-Mortar Retail

Consumers seem ready for a world where mobile is tightly integrated into the in-store shopping experience. But, are retailers ready?

[Podcast] Inbound 2017: The After School Special

Andrew Grzywacz joins Hacks and Flacks to share thoughts from Inbound 2017, including the science behind how stories stick in the human mind, tips on sourcing content ideas from Reddit, and insight into the future of podcasting.

3 Content Takeaways from Inbound 2017

And, that’s a wrap on Inbound 2017. This year was the first time I had gone to Inbound, and as […]

Tech’s Biggest Figures Weigh in on Artificial Intelligence Anxieties

The conversation around artificial intelligence has always included a little bit of existential angst, and that was before some of the world’s biggest tech figures starting weighing in on the subject.

Telco Partnerships with Content Providers Buoy Cord-Cutting Culture

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Telcos are catching on that consumers want choice, and just as importantly, they want perks. Major telco providers like T-Mobile and AT&T are differentiating themselves by partnering with content providers to offer customers special benefits.

Massachusetts is 1st State to Sue Equifax Over Data Breach

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While cyberattacks and data breaches have becoming increasingly prominent over the last several years, with hackers setting their sights on […]

The greatest challenge to the IoT may be the human touch

Since the idea first emerged, the Internet of Things and its concept of billions of previously unconnected, offline devices — […]

Are Shoppers Ready to Ask Alexa to Buy Their Groceries?

The world's major retailers and tech giants are fighting for a piece of the voice shopping market. The only question is, is there much to fight over?