B2B Tech PR

March knows B2B technology better than most Boston PR agencies.

We’ve worked with many of the world’s leading security, healthcare, martech, fintech, telco, storage, crypto and ecommerce companies in North America and beyond. We understand the challenges – such as having few customers that can talk to the media – and we know how to overcome them.

We’re laser-focused in our approach and know that storytelling won’t amount to a hill of beans if the strategy isn’t clear. B2B reporters are bombarded with pitches all day, every day, and March knows how to help its clients stand out from the clutter. We work with disruptive challenger brands, mid-sized companies and publicly-traded powerhouses. In other words, we’ve been there, done that.

Our B2B client partnerships far exceed industry averages because we’re not looking to be anyone’s “vendor.” We’re in this together with our tech PR clients and they’ll tell you that March goes all out for results that drive business outcomes, raise awareness and truly change the game.

Our clients: